How to: use Open Refine to open a rebel CSV file

Image by Craig Chew-Moulding/Flickr

Image by Craig Chew-Moulding/Flickr CSV files are a common format when working with spreadsheets. The process to open a CSV file is really easy and usually takes only a couple of minutes, as this tutorial shows. However, what can you do if the standard process fails? You can use Open Refine, a powerful tool that can help …

Basic maths for data journalists to find stories in spreadsheets

Image by Tom Brown/Flick

Image by Tom Brown/Flickr Data journalists should know how to use Excel or the free spreadsheet software Google sheets to clean and process data. Some data sets will tell us a story with only some sorting or creating a pivot table while others require some maths. In this post, you will find some examples of basic formulas to analyse data and find stories …